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Totoro's bus stop

トトロのバス停 (totoro no basutei)

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You will be in Ghibli world and find Totoro maybe?

The animation movie Tonari no Totoro (“My neighbor Totoro”) is one of Ghibli’s worldwide popular animation which has been watched by kids and even all generations over and over since it’s published in 1988. A bus stop is one of the most important scene in the movie.
Totoro’s bus stop is located in a little village in Ume area. Not only reality of the bus stop but also the landscape on the way to the bus stop is beautiful and it’s perfectly like Ghibli world.
Enjoy all of each seasons in the nature and beautiful landscape of Japan’s rural area here!

【Name and History】
Why is the bus stop named Totoro?
That place and bus stop’s name has been “Totoro” since long time before the character named. And nobody knows if the character named after this place or not. Normally Studio Ghibli doesn’t open information about location where they chose for their animation.
One day about 10 years after the movie published, someone put the illustrated boards of Totoro, Satsuki and Mei at Totoro’s bus stop. Those boards have been renewed and kept clean by the person or local someone. Now, there is also ‘Neko-bus’ which you can take photo with. They have been loved by local people and visitors for long time.

Menu w / images no
Multilingual menu
Multilingual staff
Free Wi-Fi no
Credit cards
Duty-free correspondence no
Foreign language indication guide no
Location 1368,todoriki,Minamitabaru, Ume, Saiki City, Oita Pref.
Location written in Japanese 大分県佐伯市宇目南田原轟1368
Phone Number
Operating Hours Anytime
Shop holidays
Transportation 【Train】30min. by taxi from Miemachi station.
【Car】45min. to drive from Higashi Kyushu Expressway Saiki IC.