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The huge water wheel

水車茶屋なのはな (suisya-chaya nanohana)

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Beautiful view, Sound of river and Delicious Soba make you totally relaxed

The huge water wheel very next to the Soba restaurant. You can see the working huge water wheel with having delicious Soba noodle which is made with local grown Soba and cooked by local people.
We highly recommend to take a walk by the river in Japan’s beautiful landscape here in any seasons. Especially in night time in the beginning of June, you will see hundreds of fireflies. It’s very fantastic.
The restaurant ‘Nanohana‘ serves Soba noodle, Takenoko-sushi (Sushi rice with pickled Bamboo shoots. Sushi for Vegetarians) also some Teishoku(Japanese meal set).

You can also experience handmade soba with soba chef. The chef speaks only Japanese and some words in English. But it will be fantastic experience for sure.

There are also 11 bungalows just behind the soba restaurant so you can stay with music of the river in the nature.

Menu w / images no
Multilingual menu
Multilingual staff
Free Wi-Fi no
Credit cards
Duty-free correspondence no
Foreign language indication guide no
Location 107, Onagara, Honjo, Saiki city, Oita prefecture
Location written in Japanese 大分県佐伯市本匠小半107
Phone Number 0972-56-5566
Operating Hours 11:00-15:30
Shop holidays closed:The end of year and the beginning of year
Transportation 【Car】25min to drive from Saiki East Kyushu Expressway.
18min to drive from [Michi-no-eki(roadside rest area) Yayoi].