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Road station Kamae

道の駅 かまえ (michinoeki kamae)

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Local and fresh fishes!

Road station Kamae is one of 3 road stations in Saiki city. All the fresh seafood caught in Kamae area are sold at the shop and served at the restaurant. Full of Fresh sashimi (row fish) on rice, called Kaisendon is popular here.

Lunch set(Teishoku) is also served with reasonable priceincluding butter sauteed Hiougi scallop and small Kaisendon.

【What’s Hiougi scallop?】
Hiougi scallop is a kind of small scallop but with natural beautiful shells and thicker taste than normal scallop. In Japan, only 6 areas glow Hiougi scallop so you must try it!

Menu w / images no
Multilingual menu
Multilingual staff
Free Wi-Fi no
Credit cards
Duty-free correspondence no
Foreign language indication guide no
Location 5104-1, Kamaeura, Kamae, Saiki City, Oita Pref.
Location written in Japanese 大分県佐伯市蒲江大字蒲江浦5104番地1
Phone Number 0972-42-0050
Operating Hours 【Shop】9:00-17:30
Shop holidays
Transportation 【Car】From Oita-Saiki direction.
Get off at the East Kyushu Expressway [Kamae] I.C.
It takes 5min. through National Path 388 through Inokushiura.
Budget Entrance FREE