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Kamino-i (Spring water of god)

神の井 (kamino-i )

  • history

Spring water from the ancient story

Kamino-i is the name of spring water coming out from the place very near by the sea but it’s not ocean water. It’s known as a mysterious water because of the reason above and it’s found by Jimmu emperor according to legend.
The legend’s been told that Jimmu emperor visited here on his way to east from Hyuga, Miyazaki prefecture, he thought it’s pity that there is no spring water on the island so he dug the ground with his arrow and the mysterious spring water came out.

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Location Hyugadomariura, Saiki City, Oita Pref.
Location written in Japanese 大分県佐伯市大字日向泊
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Transportation 【Ferry】Taking 30min. ferry from [Saiki port].
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Remarks ※Water is not able to drink.