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Saiki Tourism and community information center

佐伯市城下町観光交流館 (saikishi joukamachi kankoukouryukan)

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A small break during your stroll

Saiki Tourism and Community information Center is located in the middle of The road of History and Literature and the building was an old ryokan(Japanese hotel) that was built in 1936 and recently renovated into an easily accessible space for people to gather. You can enjoy a cup of coffee, some of Saiki's local sweets and view of the garden or taking a look through the gallery. Feel free to enter and enjoy chatting eith locals.

Menu w / images no
Multilingual menu
Multilingual staff
Free Wi-Fi no
Credit cards
Duty-free correspondence no
Foreign language indication guide no
Location 8-19 Jouka-Higashi-machi, Saiki City, Oita Pref.
Location written in Japanese 佐伯市城下東町8−19
Phone Number 0972-28-5656
Operating Hours 9:00-18:00
Shop holidays closed: 31/12-3/1
Transportation 【Train】Taking a JR train and get off at [Saiki station]. 5min. by taxi from the station.
【Bus】Taking a Oita-bus from the [Saiki station] to [Uchi-machi iriguchi] bus stop. 5min. walk to the entrance of [Saiki Tourism and community information center].