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Mt. Katamuki

傾山 (katamukiyama)

  • nature

The rugged peaks appear to The calm shoals make it great be leaning over

An altitude of 1605 meters,Mt. Katamuki is located on the border of Oita and Miyazaki Prefectures and is part of Sobo, Katamuki and Okue biosphere reserve of UNESCO. It was registerd in 2017 because of The use of forest resources (wood production, shiitake mushroom cultivation, coal production ...) has remained sustainable.
Mt. Katamuki is also loved by many skilled hikers. With countless rugged peaks and deep valleys, the varied terrains make it a favorite place for hikers. With vast expanses of untouched forests, it is home to an assortment of rare wildlife.

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Location Ume, Saiki City, Oita Pref.
Location written in Japanese 大分県佐伯市宇目大字木浦
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Transportation 【Train】Get off at Mie Ekimae bus 50min [Get off the mountain climb entrance], walk 3h.
70min. from Shigeoka station, 3h walk.