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Bungo Futamigaura

豊後二見ヶ浦 (bungo futamigaura)

  • nature

Fantastic sunrise viewing spot

Fantastic sunrise viewing spot

There are two big rocks called a "male rock" and a "female rock" near a shore in Kamiura area and they are known as "the couple rocks". Between them, a long "shimenawa" or decorative sacred rope made from rice straw is stretched (Maybe you have seen it at shrine). It's registered to Guiness book as the longest shimenawa in Japan. Every second Sunday of December, local volunteers have renewed the longest "Shimenawa" since 1969.
The view of the sun rising between the two rocks has made it a popular viewing point for people trying to catch a glimpse of new year's first sunrise.

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Location 2 Azamuiura Kamiura, Saiki City, Oita Pref.
Location written in Japanese 大分県佐伯市上浦大字浅海井浦2
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Transportation 【Train】10min. walk from Azamui Station.

【Car】30min. to drive from Higashi Kyushu Expressway Saiki IC.