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Saiki Gomadashi Udon (Udon Noodle with Sesame paste)

佐伯ごまだしうどん (saiki gomadashi udon)

Flavor of Saiki, grilled fish and sesame

Warm deliciousness of wihte fish and sesame

Saiki Gomadashi is now getting famous as B-kyu gourmet.
Gomadashi is mixed paste of sesame and fish.
Grilled fish and roasted sesame, soy sauce, sugar or honey and sake are basic ingredients.
We eat it with Udon nomally, but it's also a good match with Tofu, boild vegetables or even with toasted bread too.
Gomadashi has been eaten normally with Udon (Japoanese noodle) for a long time by local fishers for their quick lunch.
Nowadays, local young people realized how delicious, healthy and instant food Gomadashi is. Now Gomadashi is loved by many people and has received a special prize at the B-1 grand prix 2017.
Each of restaurants in Saiki offer meals with their respective Gomadashi recipes, how about find out your favourite Gomadashi during your stay in Saiki?

【What's B-kyu gourmet?】
B-kyu means B-class, B-grade. It means not A-class food but popular, budget and loved by local people. B-1 Grand-prix is held once a year since 2006. Even small villages have unique traditional food in Japan and B-1 Grand-prix is making many hidden delicious foods famous and popular.