Saiki City Tourism Encyclopedia


Local sake and shochu

地酒 (jizake)

Local Sake(Rice wine) and Shochu(Japanese spirit) breweries

Japanese rice wine and shochu from legendary sake makers

Always clear stream of river is necessary for brewing Sake and shochu. And Banjo river in Saiki brings us the perfect environment especially for breweries.

【Why is crear stream so important?】
Sake is made from Rice, farming rice needs lots of clear water. And here in Saiki, we have a lot of clear water from mountains. Many brewries say that taste of Sake depends on quality of water and rice. So clear water and brewer's skill are the most important things to make perfect sake!

One of brewery organizes backstage tour as requested for free including tasting some different sake or shochu. You can see and feel how sake and shochu are made with professinal skills. You can also buy your favorite fresh one at the brewery.