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Kyushu island is located in Southern west, one of four main islands of Japan.
Oita prefecture is in eastern part of Kyushu island and Saiki city is very next to Miyazaki prefecture but in Oita prefecture.

Saiki city has 903.4㎢, the largest land of all of villages and cities on Kyushu island as 8 towns and former Saiki city merged in 2005. Length of the coast is 270km.
Saiki city is one of famous places for large catch of many kinds of seafood in Japan.
Why is Saiki rich in Marine products? The answer is in the mountain area and rivers in Saiki.
Wild forest makes not only O2 but also minerals in soils and those minerals go into the sea by rain through the river. Minerals are necessary for various ecosystem of the sea and our lives.
Saiki is famous for deliciousness of seafood and Saiki people know how important wild forest is, so they have been saving those forests for long long time.
In June of 2017, UNESCO recognized a part of Ume area in Saiki city as one of 'Man and Biosphere reserve'. Also Ohnyujima island was recognized as one of OLLE trekking course association which respects residents and natural environment, so Ohnyujima island is loved by many visitors.
We have various outdoor activities such as SUP boarding, Canyoning, Camping and etc…
How about enjoying blessings from the sea and mountains, relaxing with friendly locals and refreshing in the magnificent nature in Saiki when you are tired being in big cities in Japan.


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